Sabaidi | Travel Thoughts

Sabaidi:  Lao for "hello."  

Sabaidi is a collection of travel thoughts, photos and experiences from the past ten years of wandering the globe.  

It's a random wandering of travel thoughts, inspired by instagram picture posts and memories.  

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Phnom Penh, View of the Waterfront, August 4, 2017



There is a peacefulness in the morning that you can’t really capture on film.

This is the last moment of quiet throughout the day, a time when the soundtrack of Phnom Penh is dominated by silence, accented with the occasional rooster or horn.  No hammers, no tire screeching, no petrol.

The boats of the Mekong frame the distance, gently balancing their cargo on top of rapid currents.

The sun luminates the sky, transforming grey strokes to a colour wheel of crimson.

A painters delight as pigments burst onto the scene and dominate the sky, penetrating the atmosphere for moment with a vibrancy before disappearing in an instant.



Cars make a constant swoosh on the road below me.

The rooster above resumes his role as nature’s snooze button.

Our sky is ready for another day.