Thoughts About Arts Education

Declaring A Topic for A Screenplay....

So, I'm Taking a Screenwriting Course and I Need to Declare A Topic. 

I found this task SO hard. 

What am I going to write about? Sometimes I struggle.  

Cliche.  Yes.  

True.  Yes.  

In fact, I have always struggled with this concept of sitting down and writing.  Unless there has been some very specific project with very specific deadlines, it's not the starting that I find hard, but the follow-through to complete the project.  Or even to move past the inciting incident.  Although, I must say that journalling helps.  One day I might just rent a theatre and we will put random scenes out of a hat from a multitude of plays and we will see where it goes. 

Anyway, part of the reason why I signed up for this course is because it has a deadline and I have no formal training in screenwriting.  Multipurpose.  Check. 

So, I need to declare a topic.  I'm going to use this blog and my Facebook page as a place to keep myself accountable.  

This is what I sent off for discussion tomorrow in class. 


My problem is that they are all so serious and does the world need another drawn out, serious drama about "problems." Not really. So, here are some thoughts. I'm also thinking of adding: 

- ghosts
- a robbery
- old vs. young relationships (mentor vs. inexperience)
- everyone betrays everyone 

And yes, number one is inspired by my own experience of getting a QTip lodged in my ear a week and a half ago. 

1. I’m toying with the concept of a protagonist losing a sense, and gaining some insight along the way. The protagonist is the type of person who does the opposite of the advice that everyone gives him/her - in family, work, relationships, money, pet choices, vacation, people who she used to carpool with, food, sleep, etc., etc. Then, one day, she gets a QTip lodged in her ear (I know - it’s a random inciting incident) and has to spend time at the doctors. At this time, she realizes , or finally sees, what people have been trying to tell her a long. And she comes to the conclusion that she has been “replaced” in all3. aspects of her life, and as she is desperately trying to hold onto the past, she is missing out on her new reality. So, she goes out to seek answers and to determine why her relationships changed as a bridge to the future (which is probably exactly the wrong thing to do....don't know....she needs closure but won't get it). No conflict as of yet….I’m thinking that I place this whole emotional drama in some kinda high stakes environment or 24 hour deadline. I don’t want it to be some kind of medical drama (aka - QTip lodged in ear, goes to doctor, finds out she has six months to live). I am kinda thinking it is what she choses to do this insight moving forward in dealing with her relationships and decisions. 

2. That or a teacher walks into a room to find a bucket and pop poured over popcorn and books. And…crisis ensues. 

3. That or a schemer who works the system to get what he/she wants, and then gets schemed him/herself. 

4. That or some kinda of “documentary" on teacherexia - the eating disorder and unhealthy behaviours of teachers in the public system.


Next steps before launching these ideas before a bunch of strangers: 

1. Plot out line of all 

2. Figure out what the end game is for the story. 

3. Figure out what the end game is for me. 


Until next time....