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Goals for the New Year


Thinking forward to 2017, there are some major life habits that I need to nourish.  Above is my pledge to myself for a more healthy, creative, and positive 2017.  Below are some additional thoughts to expand on each goal. 

Within all of this, the most important thing in life, for me, is relationships.  And, as a lucky aunt, daughter, pet owner and friend of so many amazing/talented/kind people, all this is on top of nourishing those amazing relationships. 

1. Drink More H2O.  I saw a picture online lately that stated something along the lines of every time that you each something, you are nourishing your body."  I feel the same about water.   I own a fancy pink water bottle and this year I pledge to be conscious about actually drinking water from that bottle throughout the day.  

2. Read 1 Play/Week. Self explanatory - so many great plays out there.  Lots to explore beyond going to see productions (I'm still going to do love of seeing at least one show a week hasn't changed...).

3. Read 1 Book/Month. Again, self explanatory.  I am not going to limit myself to genre as I have so many wonderful books in my home, from Harvard Business Review essay collections to Us Conductors to The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. My recent decision to cut cable will help with this quest.  

4. 3-4 Blog Posts/Week. 2017 marks twenty years since I first developed Scenes for High School Drama Students.  As I reclaim my space in the web, and build on the last twenty years  of experience working as an educator and artist, I look forward to sharing my thoughts in this platform.  

5. No Work Email From 7 pm - 7 am. This goal is inspired by a New York Times article,   France Lets Workers Turn Off, Tune Out and Live Life, and HBR IdeaCast, Restoring Sanity to the Office.  Check out the article and podcast - great nuggets of knowledge to analyze and compare your current/desired habits. 

6. Drink More Champagne. This goal is years in the making and has been my response to "what's your resolution this year" question for the last four years.  Only fitting to end this list with a good-old-standby-favourite. 

The theme of the year will be consciousness.   A good theme. 

I wish you all the best with your future artistic endeavours. May 2017 be a year of being present and enjoying the various moments that life brings to you and your family/friends.