Resiliency, Wellness and Creative Process

Wellness Through Assessment and Evaluation

Using Observation, Conservation in A&E Practices To Develop Resilience, Creativity and Literary Skills

Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk,  Do Schools Kill Creativity, raises the importance of educating the whole child.  By teaching creativity and resilience skills to students, students can build of foundation that will prepare them for multiple life situations. 

After reviewing Sir Ken Robinson's talk, I started thinking about the links between wellness, resilience and assessment and evaluation.  

I wondered: which specific resiliency skills can be developed through using observational and conversational assessment and evaluation strategies to enhance creativity and literacy skills?

Evidence shows that a growth mindset is the resiliency skill that can be developed through the use of observational and conversational assessment.   With a growth mindset, students can look objectively at their educational development, setting goals and being authentic about their next steps. 

The following presentation outlines some research around the triangulation of data to promote a growth mindset in students.  To further the work, the presentation has an activity using the creative process for staff teams to develop an action plan around incorporating observational and conversational assessment into their direct instruction plans. 


YouTube Videos in Minds On Section of the Presentation: 

Click here for a copy of the presentation handout, which includes links to the slide deck, action plan and works cited information. 

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How can you use assessment and evaluation strategies to promote resilience in your classroom?  How can the creative process help you reflect, plan and evaluate your department's plan for effective instruction?  

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