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Scripts, Scripts and More Scripts!
Scenes for High School Drama Students!

Hello fellow actors! Have you ever been searching the web looking for a monologue or a scene that you could perform in your drama class? Welcome to my collection of scenes and monologues that have been collected over the years.  

The first version of this website was hosted on Geocities between 1997 and 2003.  Now, the world is VERY different in 2018.  I have kept some pieces and will build on this resource with the intention of providing scripts for students to perform and teachers to build lessons.  

When I was 16, I put the following disclaimer on the original website: 

Now, I think that it is important to state this information before you go any further. The roots of the scripts are as follows: my original writings from ADA 3M and ADA 4M classes (grade eleven and grade twelve drama classes), my current musings and submissions from international web visitors. I ask if you do like these plays and decide to use them, please e-mail me and tell me how it went. Yes, that is all. I am not asking for anything else for the use of my plays but the above. But, if you want to send me money, gold or anything else, that is all right too!

Oh 16 year old me. 

I stand by my original claim.  Use these monologue royalty free.  Send me an e-mail or a direct message if you decide to perform any of these pieces. 

There are many archived versions of the site that contains many diverse voices speaking about diverse issues.  In 1998 the internet and the world was a different place.  In 1998, I was a teenager, learning code through trail and error on Sunday afternoons, hoping to contribute something positive to this new, digital world.  In 2018, when I travel back to that time and reflect on the mindsets of Y2K era, especially compared to mindsets of current day, I pause and marvel about our progress.  As a society we have come a long way in the last twenty years, especially when you consider the collective conversations of identity, stereotypes, relationships, diversity and inclusion.  I seek to continue these conversations through the curating and creating of dramatic work. 

UPDATE JULY 22, 2018 - I am transitioning the monologues and scenes onto this website and am experimenting with layout and style.  You can click on individual links below, or go to FEMALE MONOLOGUES  or MALE MONOLOGUES to be directed to all of the monologues in blog format.  I have been going through the site and some monologues are really dated.  I have many thoughts about how the world has progressed in the last twenty years, and how irrelevant some of the work is in 2018.  Below are a few samplings.  I'm more curious in non-gender specific monologues in 2018, where actors can look at the text and make choices based off of character decisions.  Those texts to come.  

Monologue Image RHCPA.png

Female Monologues - Dramatic

It's A Doll's Life  - The perspective from a doll who has been left behind. 

Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover - Not knowing all of the facts can lead to dangerous judgements. 

Observations - A lifeguard rants about her new boss. 

Pigtails - Know a person for their personality, not stereotypes based on hair styles. 

Female Monologues - Comedy

Skiing Adventure - Best leave this sport to the professionals. 

P. Beauty - Beware of food and drink in the dressing room. 

Goldilocks - "It's all the media's fault!" 

Fairy Godmother - Cutbacks are everywhere.

Wicked Queen - Really, I am not that mean. 

Male Monologues - Dramatic 

Star - Never leaves us, looking down from the sky. 

Male Monologues - Comedy

You Have Won - This monologue dates back the time when daily mail delivery was thing...

Frog Prince - Confessions of a fly addict.