Male Monologues from Scenes For High School Students


You see that star up there? The second one to the left of the moon? That is my girl's star. She told me when she was young, she would look up at that star and somehow feel alright. Like the world just stopped and all care and worries become obsolete. She said whenever I felt lonely and needed someone to talk to, just to look up at that star and she could hear me. Funny I really didn't believe her, but the strange thing was she always seemed to know every problem I had before I would tell her. She was so perfect! She would never do anything to hurt anyone. She always had a smile to give when someone felt lonely. I don't know what it was, but no matter what problems I had or how bad I felt, everything would be forgotten and disappear when I saw her face. I know everyone says that about their girl, but this one is different. She's mine. I was "the guy who never got the girl". I would spend my nights reading Shakespeare and Rostand to see what those guys had that I didn't. She didn't care about what I read, or what I said to try and impress people. She taught me to just be me. She gave me a whole new world to believe. Even a guiding star to follow. Where is she? That's the reason I'm out here, tonight. You see, she died last Tuesday. The day after Valentine's Day. Yep, Valentine's Day. She was driving home when a car swerved into her lane and sideswiped her. The Doctor's said she died instantly. That she didn't suffer. I wouldn't think she would. God would never let one of his angels suffer. I honestly think she was an angel, sent here just for me to give me hope. Ever since she died, I've come out here every night at nine-fifteen sharp. The same time of our first kiss. It's weird too. I can still feel her holding my hand the way she did when we would just sit and watch the stars, together. I can still smell her perfume. Only one thing has changed, though. That star is now brighter, it shines the same way her eyes did. 

Bryan J McKinley

Originally Published Scenes For High School Drama Students


You Have Won

Millie! Mail's here. Let's see. What do we have in the mail today? Bill, bill, bill, letter from mom, bill, bill, you have won, bill, bill…..wait. What was that? You have won ten million dollars. What? Is this a joke? Those hacks better not be pulling my leg. What does that say? Read inside for more information. Okay. 

The Win-a-Million House is please to announce that you have won ten million dollars.

You already told me that! I want my money! I want my money! 

You are the lucky person who Win-a-Million has chosen out of billions of eligible contestants. To claim you money you have to do two things….

Only two things? Wow! These people are so nice. 

The first thing that you have to do is place your 'I want my money sticker' on the red circle. If you place the sticker on the green circle or the blue circle then you are saying that you want us to give the money away to someone else.

That's not so hard. I have my sticker, now I have to place it on….(pause) Where is the red circle? There is the blue circle and the green circle but I don't see the red circle. What? Is this some kind of trick.Some trick to make me all excited and now I can't find the circle? Get me all excited……oh there it is. 

After you place the sticker on the right circle, just fill out this form and send it back as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to get your money to you.

Got to do this right away. Let's see. Name? Okay. Address? Okay. Phone number? Boy, they sure want to know a lot of info. Credit card number? Why would they want my credit card number? Well, I guess they know what they are doing. Magazines ordered? But I don't want any magazines. What is this? You have to order five magazines in order to be eligible for the ten million dollars? Well okay.

Now, if you are done all of the steps, put all of the information in the self addressed envelope and in ten to twenty years your ten million dollars will arrive.

We're going to be rich! Millie we're going to be rich! I'm going to the mail box Millie! We're rich, we're rich, we're rich! 


C. Clarke

Originally Published Scenes For High School Drama Students
April, 1998

Frog Prince

Frog Prince

Hello. My name is Prince Frederick and I am a . . . a fly addict. It's all my father's fault. No, really. I'm not just trying to blame someone else. It is partly my fault but it's mostly his. You see, when he made up the list for my Christening he made a slight error. He left my Godmother off the list and she got a little . . . upset. She sort of flew off the handle and turned me into a frog. She has since sought therapy to try and find better ways of dealing with her stress. 

Anyway, I had to get a beautiful princess to kiss me so that I could turn back to normal. You can imagine the line of them just waiting to do so. It took me twenty years, but I finally found one willing to kiss my slimy frog lips. After my transformation we were married and supposed to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, she left me because of my addiction. Well, that and the lily pads in the bathtub drain. 

I'm hoping that as I start down the road to recovery that she will find it in her heart to take me back. After all, I did convince her to kiss a talking amphibian. And I'm not the only one in this marriage who has problems! I can't pry that stupid golden ball out of her hands! Well maybe I'm just better off without her! I'll go find someone who'll love me for who I truly am! And we'll live happily ever after! So there!

Keena Lindsay

Originally Published Scenes for High School Drama Students