Back to School Instagram Getting To Know You Activity | #me

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Here is an #instagood activity to gather information about your students and their learning styles.

This activity was designed for the beginning of a course/ensemble. It’s all about identifying one’s learning styles as an entry point into learning about how each individual will contribute to the creative environment.

Instead of a survey, how about a visual representation?

This activity is available to complete digitally or print the PDF handouts.

Please note: Gathering and displaying learning styles using digital images is only the beginning. The follow-up is a conversation about why the students picked the images that they did what those images say about them as learners and human beings.

Extension: You can extend this activity by building on the conversation to:

  • co-construct learning norms and what your inclusive classroom environment is going to look like

  • link to a future lesson about citing sources, giving credit and avoiding plagiarism

  • link to media literacy and critical thinking about what we post and/or consume on social media